Zac's 💩idea of the week - Episode 3 - The Dream Destroyer 3000

Zac's 💩idea of the week - Episode 3 - The Dream Destroyer 3000

Are you tired of parents who think their kids are the best thing since slice bread and put them up for talent shows when it’s just pure embarrassment? 😕 If you like crushing dreams, the dream destroyer 3000 could be the platform for you! 👍🏼


- Hey you guys, and welcome to Zac's Shit Idea of the Week, where I pitch a business idea, startup idea, to Kim and Adrian, and they let me know whether it's good or bad. First of all, the problem that I'm trying to solve is, I just feel like, you know, talent shows have gotten really huge over the last few years. I myself am actually a winner of the People's Choice Award at the Bundy's Search For A Star, which was like a talent show in Bundy.

- Was that for music?

- Yeah, I was a drummer in a comedy rock band

- Oh, how old were you?

- You were a drummer.

- Yeah, we had a song called The Ice Cream Song, it was really funny. I feel like, because of these talent shows, and especially with things like YouTube promoting kids to show off their unique talents and stuff online, there's a problem with parents over-validating their children now on stuff that they maybe aren't actually that talented in. So the idea that I give you today, I call The Dream Destroyer 3000. It's a peer-to-peer voting platform where parents can put on videos of their kids doing things that their kids find really fun and they're passionate about, and people can vote online whether they think the kid is actually good enough to make it in a career in that.

- That's so interesting. And the kid, I'm assuming, doesn't see this feedback, I'm assuming,

- Probably not, right. to protect the kid.

- Yeah, I hope there's some level of filter.

- I think it's, for me, I feel like it's probably more for the parents. I think there's a lot of parents that over-validate their kids. And that's a big problem.

- But do the parents that over-validate their kids, would they be the kind of people to actually use? They'd be like, I don't really care what everyone thinks.

- True.

- Definitely believe in the problem of parents over, what was the word you used?

- Over-validating.

- Over-validating a skill set. We talk about Achilles heels, for an ideal, like what's the most likely thing to fuck up the star. And, there might even be two for this. One would be anything that's community, particularly that's feedback-based. You have a really high chance of it just being really trolly. So a parent will only feel good about putting, uploading a video onto the platform if they feel like they're going to get a mixture of, hey this is kinda good, or this, or I like that. But this, like a feedback sandwich. So you'd have to, community management could be very difficult on these. Where if you just put up a thing of your daughter, and then everyone just absolutely goes to town, just saying that she's shit at singing, and it's just all really abusive. You never wanna, even though your child wouldn't see that, you don't want to go through that journey about your child. The other Achilles heel is what we talked about before around that often the people that need a platform the most, or a product the most, that the user that really needs it, which is like the parent currently who's pushing their kid into all these talent shows even though they're the worst thing ever, that parent that's delusional about the skill set is kind of who needs it the most, but is also the least likely person to use it, so there's that. And if it was a talent competition, I'd prefer the monetization. People pay to enter competitions. And like, which is a really fast-growing platform for young kids video. Concept of virtual currency, buying in currency, donating, throwing coins, like busking, throwing coins at the act that you like, like voting with both claps, but then also virtual currency like diamonds, or whatever. And that ranks, and then you take a clip of all of that, of that thing. So takes like 50 cents of the dollar, of all that virtual currency things, and gaming companies use a similar model where you're buying in on currency and they take a big cut of that currency that goes in and out. So I'd prefer that monetization as opposed to charging industry, cause they can make money earlier, and it's been proving up in other categories.

- I think the problem is real. Problem of not knowing whether your kid's good at something, whether that's positive or negative.

- You wanna give it out of 10, this is the new, evolved idea.

- I'd vote it as new evolved.

- Sort of at...

- Seven out of 10. It was pretty good.

- Me too, seven out of 10 for if it is the app that's free to get, but then you buy in, and it's a kid talent competition.

- I am adamant keeping the name Dream Destroyer 3000 though, so if we can't change that,

- Okay, at that.

- I'm not bringing you guys on in this eventually.

- It drops down to a two with that name, for the same idea.