Zac's πŸ’© idea of the week - Episode 1 - Hear Comedy

Zac's πŸ’© idea of the week - Episode 1 - Hear Comedy

Who wants to hear some terrible ideas!? Zac's been known in the office for the worst ideas, so we thought we'd give him his 30 seconds of fame. If you want to learn a thing or two about internet of things (IoT) watch this video about "Hear Comedy"


- Hey, guys, welcome to Zac's Shit Idea of the Week, where I pitch a new business idea every week to Kim and Adrian, and they let me know whether it's a good idea or not. So, my idea for you guys this week is called Hear Comedy, hear like hearing with your ear.

- Okay.

- Okay, go.

- There's a few people in this office who aren't very funny in conversation. Paul struggles a lot when he's talking to people, even girls, about things and then trying to make them laugh and be funny. Laughter is a really good way to disarm people in social situations. So, Hear Comedy is a little earpiece that is listening to conversations and taking away keywords that are used in conversation, searching the internet for humour related to that keyword, and then telling you, in your ear, some jokes that you can make. To help you make jokes in conversation.

- I don't mind that.

- Interesting, so it's a little IT device that goes in your ear, connects to your phone, searches the web in real-time. Interesting.

- It's like a wingman, like a funny--

- It's like an on-the-spot wingman. It's actually timely because Google's just brought out. Then like headphones that can do all of this sort of stuff.

- Translation.

- Yeah, translation but other things as well. So, technology wise it's a tick 'cause it's feasible. It's actually feasible. It's actually not terrible for the first episode, it's actually not terrible. But the advice I would give is probably not looking at making the hardware. The software is really difficult for the start off, like really difficult. It's called an IP Player, an intellectual property player meaning that a lot of the part of why this startup would be valuable, if you manage to get this off the ground, lots of if's here, but would be how complex it would be to write the big data, the scraping, real-time advice back to you, the voice in your ear, like how that all works. So, there's so much work to do on that that it would be really dumb to do the hardware as well. So that's probably be the shittiest thing about the idea. But the good thing is that all this hardware that is being created, is kind of like a marketplace that you can build things into. So you could connect with existing headphones, which would be even less creepy if someone just had the little Apple things, which are super creepy in their own way, by the way. Just people walking around wearing those.

- KZ.

- KZ if you're watching this.

- When you build tech that's in hardware, what do you do about-- 'cause normally when you build a tech thing you're building software, or it's an app, or it's like a web platform, but this is like building tech that then needs to go into hardware. Is that a huge difference than building just an app or something in terms of building a tech business.

- The easiest way of looking at this is like hardware setups are incredibly hard, software setups are incredibly hard so when it's like one plus one equals like 10 in that sort of equation. So, on how strong the idea is, I'm actually gonna give it like a six in practicality.

- Yes On how hard to execute out of 10, I'm gonna give it a 12. What do you think?

- You mean out of 10?

- Yeah 12/10.

- I thought the rating was out of five to start with, I'm like six, okay that's confusing.

- It's a six out of five idea. It's a 12 out of 10 difficulty.

- No, it's a six out of 10 idea, it's a 12 out of 10 difficulty. What do you think?

- Seven.

- Seven, okay.

- Six and seven, yeah. And hard. It's too bad. Definitely over 10 out of 10.

- Over 10 out of 10.

- I think like, you use it once, you use it twice and if it doesn't get a laugh out of that person you're probably gonna ditch it, just gonna have to deliver that magic moment pretty quickly.